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Welcome to a world of visionary eye care at Agnone, Morrison, & Associates, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate expertise. Discover our comprehensive services, tailored to enhance your vision and overall eye health.

Surgeries and Procedures

Experience precision and care with our advanced surgical and procedural solutions at Agnone, Morrison, & Associates. We are dedicated to improving your vision and quality of life through our innovative eye surgeries and procedures.

Cataract Surgery

Bid farewell to cloudy vision. With advanced cataract surgery procedures, we bring the world back into focus for you.

Cosmetic and Botox

Enhance your aesthetics. Our cosmetic and Botox services are designed to revitalize your appearance with professional care.

Eyelid Lump and Bump Removal

Expert removal for unobstructed vision. We specialize in the safe and efficient removal of eyelid lumps and bumps.

Eyelid Surgery

Enhance your sight and aesthetics. Our eyelid surgery offers both aesthetic and functional improvements for your eyes.


Innovative surgical and non-surgical glaucoma management. Our treatments are designed for effective pressure control and vision preservation.

LASIK and Laser Vision Correction

Embrace life free from glasses and contact lenses. Our state-of-the art LASIK and Laser Vision procedures reshape your visions to perfection.

Post-Cataract Laser Surgery

Optimizing your vision post-cataract. Our specialized laser surgery fine-tunes your sight with precision.

Retinal Care

Dedicated retinal health management. Our retinal care services focus on preserving and improving your vital vision functions.

Office Visits

Step into a space where your eye health is our top priority. At amaEyes , our office visits, including thorough eye exams, are designed to ensure your vision is at its best, blending compassionate care with personalized attention.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Relief from allergic eye discomfort. Our targeted treatments for allergic conjunctivitis ensure comfort and clarity.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

In-depth examinations for lasting eye health. Our comprehensive eye exams are essential for maintaining optimal vision.