We’ve Built a Clearer Future

State-of-the-Art Facility


We believe in a life full of energy and wellness. And we know that this lifestyle is not attainable simply with sunglasses, infomercial supplements, or fad diets. After more than 20 years of a close relationship and open communications with our patients, we know they desire more than good vision. Everyone benefits from a supportive community that nurtures a healthy lifestyle and focuses on whole-body healthcare. This belief is so strong that we have a built a wellness destination where our patients can cultivate the healthy lifestyle they desire. 
Our current facility offers a holistic approach to patient care with state-of-the-art eye care technology, but we have outgrown the space. In our new facility our patients will have opportunities to learn about cutting-edge medical studies and experience our technologies in a more comfortable, welcoming environment.  Our patients will have access to trained professionals and classes in how to turn the dream of a healthy lifestyle into a reality, and experience a compassionate staff that cares about them. 
Our goal is not only to improve the eyesight of our patients, but also to help our patients better their own health in the process.

Welcome to new medicine.